UVU Automotive Students Go On Another Sweet Field Trip

By | April 4, 2011

Last Friday, you may know it as April Fool’s Day, UVU Automotive students got to go to Miller Motorsports Parkfor a field trip.

If you haven’t been to the world class racetrack in our own backyard, you are missing out. The sports park is built on 511 acres in the middle of the Tooele desert.

On site is a race-history museum filled with Larry H. Miller’s personal collection of original Shelby race cars — each with a unique and rich racing history.

The number of Shelby cars in one place is unfathomable.

Miller Motorsports Park also offers The Mustang Driving Experience. It is incredible to see how many Mustangs are lined up — inside and outside the garages!

The students also got to test there skills on the Go Kart Track.

There is so much to see and do at Miller Motorsports Park. The track officially opens the end of this month for the race season.

Please enjoy my sub-par camera phone pics…

(Jason Udy)

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