Video: 60 Minutes Meets The Stig

By | October 22, 2010

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Stig on 60 MinutesIn the past we’ve seen the Stig in some places we didn’t expect to see him. And come Sunday evening expect it to happen again in yet another place we’re pretty sure he’s never been before: CBS’s 60 Minutes.

In the teaser video for the episode, 60-Minutes journalist Steve Croft is strapped into a new Camaro SS with the tame racing driver behind the wheel. Of course, doing what any good journalist would do, Croft tries to get Stiggy to talk with simple questions and small talk- no dice, grandpa! Instead, he gets a 130mph lap around the Top Gear test track and a very silent tame racing driver (not a bad trade in our opinion).

What we don’t know is what this episode is about exactly. Will it address only The Stig and BBC Top Gear or will it focus on the upcoming Top Gear America? We’d really like to see them to ask about what’s on every Top Gear fan’s mind: the ousting of the Stig’s identity as Ben Collins. The episode will air Sunday, October 24th at 7:00pm EST on CBS and we’re fully expecting Andy Rooney’s segment to be filmed from the cabin of that Camaro SS blasting around the track.

CBS’ Stig/Top Gear Video Teaser

[Chad Waite, CBS]

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