Video: BBC America Teases Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

By | March 19, 2012

Richard Hammond's Crash CourseOf the three Top Gear hosts, Richard Hammond generally seems to be the most ¬†friendly towards Americans. While Jeremy and James tend to take as many shots at “fat Americans” as they can, Hammond is often busy dreaming of driving and owning mid-70′s American muscle cars. Heck, he even chose a Dodge Challenger as his vehicle of choice during Top Gear’s second trip across the United States.

It’s only fitting then that Hammond will soon host a new American-only show on BBC America called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. According to the recently released trailer, it looks like the show’s premise is to simply put all 5′ 7″ of Richard behind the controls of some of the craziest, largest, most powerful, and dangerous vehicles on the planet today and let him do basically whatever he wants with them. Crash Course will likely emulate many of the wacky antics seen on Top Gear challenges, making it no surprise that this teaser focuses heavily on Hammond at the wheel of several tanks while simultaneously driving over parked cars and blowing things up. Hey, why fix something that’s not broken, eh?

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course is set to air Monday, April 16th on BBC America.

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