Video: Bijan Pakzad’s (Who?) Bugatti Veyron Broken Into

By | July 22, 2011

Vandalized Bugatti Veyron

For the most part, our coverage on things like Ferrari 458s catching on fire and Bugatti Veyrons crashing are completely inconsequential to any visitor reading that article. This video of recently vandalized gold and black Veyron belonging to fashion designer Bijan Pakzad is certainly no exception. But hey, who can resist a juicy Veyron story, right? Wow…just call us the Perez Hilton of the car news world. Just not gay.

The break in happened in front of Pakzad’s store on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hillsone (really, where else would it be?) in broad daylight with the culprit smashing and completely shattering the passenger side window. Speculation is that the vandal wanted something inside the car. We think he did it because of the awful color scheme. Watch the video after the jump.

[ | GTSpirit | Photos: Brandon Christiansen]

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