Video: Caterham R500 Harasses A Ferrari 430 Scuderia

By | February 10, 2012

Caterham R500 vs Ferrari 430 Scuderia

What happens when a Caterham R500 is right on the haunches of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia and both drivers know how to drive? If a hero cam is involved, it  results in one of the greatest racing videos ever. This video, in fact.

The cars are clearly what make this video so great, as one represents the height of motorsport refinement and technology, while the other can literally be assembled in a shed.

As one person noted on in the video’s comments, the R500 driver’s heel-toe needs a bit of work, but we give him and the Scuderia driver props for knowing their lines. In the end Mr. Tough Shed driver got in front of the Ferrari, but not after a high speed game of “let me harass your chuff” for the first five minutes.

[YouTube via Jalopnik]

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