Video: Guys Race Across America On Google Streetview

By | December 10, 2010

Google Street View RaceBack in the days before the Daily Derbi became Utah’s largest car blog, I wrote a post about how unique, one-of-a-kind life experiences can now be recreated digitally with incredible accuracy. For example, take a racing simulator driver’s seat and pair it with Gran Turismo 5 and now you too can experience what it feels like to drive exotic cars and crash into things at 200mph and live. I’ve driven real race cars around real race tracks and can honestly say that much of the senses experienced in the real thing are very accurately recreated in the digital version.

So how would a digital experience stack up to something that should never have an option to be experienced digitally? Just take a look at the guys in the video below who decided to ditch the traditional cross country road trip from California to New York in a car and do it using Google’s Street View.

That’s right- these two guys have crossed the entire country entirely online, never leaving their living room. And this wasn’t a co-op “I’ll click when you sleep thing”. No, no, this was a full blown race to see who could get from one end of the country to the other the fastest. Looks like the fun of driving a car cross country has now been┬áreplaced by 104,619 mouse clicks and a 90-hour continuous journey down the information super highway.

[Chad Waite, AutoBlog]

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