Video: Pagani Zonda GR Wrecked

By | August 8, 2012

Wrecked Pagani Zonda GR hit by Audi A4 DTM in raceWrecks have and always will be a part of motorsports.  It is usually the result of two drivers trying to be in the same place at the same time.  That isn’t the case with this uber-rare Pagani Zonda GR.  Antonin Herbeck was driving the Zonda in a race in the Czech Republic and was on his way to victory when tragedy struck.  Tomas Kostka was in second place in an Audi A4 DTM who couldn’t take being in second place and fits the Jeremy Clarkson‘s “cockster” name for an Audi driver. You see, Herbeck had made his way around what appears to be the final turn when Kostka purposefully rear-ended the Zonda sending him straight into the wall clearing the path for first.  The best part is instead of being penalized and stripped of the victory, the incident was ruled a race incident and the Kostka was declared the winner.  Race rules stated that if an incident occurs on the final lap those involved would finish as if the previous lap was the last lap and so Herbeck finished second.  When all was said and done, The $1.4million Zonda was written off and the man at fault got away with it.  Nice.  See the incident from the Zonda below.

Source: and YouTube

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