Video: Peugeot 206 T16 Hits Pikes Peak

By | June 24, 2013

Peugeot 206 T16 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race CarThe annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb always has a tendency to attract big-winged, ludicrously powered, rally car monsters.  From the iconic Audi Sport Quattros to the Suzukis driven by Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, all of them have mesmerized the crowds in attendance.  This year will be no different.

Sebastien Loeb has teamed up with Peugeot to create this 875 hp twin-turbo V6 Peugeot 206 T16 for this year’s event.  It is looking like the team to beat.  Of course it is sponsored by Red Bull too.  0-62 mph (100 km/h) come in just 1.8 seconds keep your foot in it and you’ll see 125 mph come and go in 4.8 seconds and its top speed of 150 mph in 7 seconds dead!  Those Veyron-eating acceleration numbers are all possible because of its light weight (1925 lbs) and all-wheel drive system to give it traction.  Did I mention the MASSIVE rear wing?

Peugeot released this video of its first test at Pikes Peak.

Source: Peugeot via YouTube

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