Video: Rhys Millen’s Record Pikes Peak Run

By | August 19, 2012

Rhys Millen's Record Breaking Pikes Peak Run in a Hyundai GenesisPikes Peak International Hill Climb.  156 turns, 4720 ft of elevation change, and 12.42 miles of grueling uphill racing finishing at 14,110 ft up leaving cars struggling for air while wrestling their way to the top in the shortest time possible.  Last year’s race marked the final race up the mountain with half the track unpaved and the Monster Suzuki set a record time of 9:51.278 becoming the first time to break the 10 minute barrier.  To put that into perspective, the first ever race up the mountain, held in 1916, was won with a 20:55.40 time.

This year marks the first year of the track being entirely paved.  We all knew the previous record would be broken but by how much?  Rhys Millen showed up meaning business as usual in a “mildly powered”, by Pikes Peak standards, 700HP Hyundai Genesis and ripped up the new asphalt road in a warp speed 9:46.164 beating out second place by a wafer-thin .0017 of a second!  You can view the in-car footage below.

Source: YouTube

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