Video: Utah Car Chase Ends in Train Crash

By | October 16, 2013

Mercedes Train Crash

We all know it is a bad idea to run from the police. I’m sure it’s been a fleeting thought for us all at one point, but usually common sense and logic prevail. If you have ever seriously thought “I can get away”, it would behoove you to remember the outcome for a fleeing Utah woman and her Mercedes E Class:

The dash-cam video of a responding officer picks up toward the end of the chase. At about the 20 second mark of the video you see a black blur of a Mercedes speed by. “She’s gonna hit a train” is all the officer can say over the radio. I wonder how many times he’s had the chance to say that in his career? Sure enough, she t-bones a moving train and her Mercedes is left broken on a pair of adjacent tracks. The responding officer then jumps into action and, without regard to the massive moving train next to him, tries to save/apprehend the woman.

That’s when things got a bit worse…another train was coming. Luckily, another officer saw it and got the attention of the hero officer before it was too late. Unfortunately for the woman her ride wasn’t quite over. Her Mercedes was rammed and pushed a few hundred feet down the track.

Amazingly the woman not only survived, she walked away from the wreck with only a broken arm. She’s lucky to have her life. Really, this speaks volumes to Mercedes’ build quality and safety features. Maybe next time she’ll think twice when the temptation of running pops in her head.

[Brandon Christiansen]

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Chance Hales on October 16, 2013 at 11:52 am.

It really is amazing the condition the car was in after the second train hit. I saw the remains of a Pontiac Grand Am after it had been hit by just one train. There wasn’t much left and it was barely recognizable as a Grand Am. The only indication that it was a Grand Am was the gauge cluster sitting next to it.

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