Wanna Get Into Racing? Start With Just $25

By | November 11, 2010

Miller Motorsports Park Racing

Words: Chad Waite, Photos: Mike Gillilan

Attending car shows and going to race events is all fun and fine, but there comes a point where most people would like to actually get behind the wheel of a race car and blitz around the track. And, for most people, that moment comes quick.

Fortunately in Utah we have not only the most excellent Miller Motorsports Park in our backyards, but we also have several options to help you jump into the sport quickly. And for those with small wallets, don’t worry- we’ve found options as low at $25 to get you in a car and on the track.

WOW Wednesdays

Most people don’t have the money to support a full on racing habit and for the most part just want to experience the feeling of being on a track. The folks up at Miller Motorsports Park realized this and in response created their WOW Wednesdays event.

WOW Wednesdays occur the second Wednesdays every month between April and October. For a mere $25, drivers can take any street legal car around the Miller track and get the experience of driving on a real life race course. Don’t have a GT-R or some “bred-for-the-track” ride? No worries. We’ve been told WOW Wednesdays have seen everything from old Subaru Justys to a 1988 Ford Aerostar. Not what anyone would call prime track material.

Since many of these participants are first time track drivers, certain precautions have been put in place for safety. The drive is non-competitive (meaning you won’t be racing other attendees), helmets are required and an overall speed limit is enforced for all vehicles. But for $25, this is easily the quickest and cheapest way to get the experience and feeling of what racing on a track is like.

Check out the WOW Wednesday website for more details.


You’ve got a taste of what the track is like and now it’s time to do some competitive racing. Look no further than the LapBattle time attack series.

Made up of three events in the season, LapBattle features local drivers behind the wheel of their personal cars. Modifications are allow but strictly regulated and all drivers are placed in one of three classes including all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and front-wheel drive.

LapBattle Utah

Image: Tyson Call

Since LapBattle is a time attack series you won’t have to worry about too much door-to-door racing and the potential of smashing up your ride. Instead, competition is based on the fastest lap time around the track.

Entry starts at $150 per event, per driver. Seriously a very small price to pay for participation in a fully legitimate racing league.

Check the LapBattle website for more info.

MPRA (Miller Park Racing Association)

For those with a bit more money to justify a racing budget, it’s your turn to pay attention. The MPRA is Utah’s most successful regional racing series and features a wide variety of drivers and cars, mostly due to the eight racing class categories that exist within the league.

Pricing is for those that know they want to spend some money, but for that cost you’re getting a full and complete racing experience. High speeds, bumper to bumper action, and Utah’s best driving talent mixed in with fast track cars.

And unlike WOW Wednesdays or LapBattle, the MPRA runs year-round with the regular series in the summer and their freaking awesome wintercross series taking place over the next several months.

Visit the MPRA website for all the details.

* The photos above are from the MPRA Enduro Challenge.

[Chad Waite]


Steph K on November 12, 2010 at 4:22 pm.

I promise to do WOW next year. PROMISE.

Chad Waite on November 12, 2010 at 4:53 pm.

You and me both. And a couple of my friends who read this. $25 is way, way to good to pass up.

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