Want New Top Gear? It’s Coming….In 2013.

By | May 8, 2012

Sad Cat Top GearWay back in the day I went to go see “The Patriot”, the 100% historically accurate movie about Mel Gibson single-handedly winning the Revolutionary War for America (eff yeah). Before the movie even started I remember seeing a trailer for the Lord of the Rings in which it announced that the third movie in the trilogy was coming out in 2003, a full three and a half years down the road from where I sat in my soda-covered movie seat in 2000. It seemed outrageous that I would have to wait that long to see the film and even more ridiculous that a film that was so far out from release was even being advertised for so early.

So it wouldn’t be hard to imagine my disappointment when Jeremy Clarkson himself said that there will be no more Top Gear this year.

That’s right- there will be no new Top Gear episodes till 2013. In a recent radio interview with a South African radio station, Clarkson mentions pretty much in passing that “there’s no Top Gear on this year” when asked about working with Richard Hammond and James May on Top Gear Live.

Sure, this isn’t the three and a half year gap that was the third Lord Of The Rings movie, but when you’re used to getting your semi-yearly fix of new Top Gear episodes every six months or so, another seven months at a minimum of waiting for a new season is a hard pill to swallow.

Hear the sad news for yourself in Clarkson’s radio interview below. Skip to the 8:10 mark or so to get to the easy to miss “on that bombshell” moment:

[YouTube via Final Gear]

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