Watch An SUV Go Airborne On Heat-Created Asphalt Ramp

By | July 5, 2012

Heat Buckle SUV Launch

Probably one of the weirdest side effects from the extreme heat waves melting half of the United States this summer are massive sections or road succumbing to heat buckling. Under the right circumstances, excessive heat can cause asphalt to slightly expand and buckle under the pressure.

Generally, these buckled sections of road are only raised a few inches, causing a small raise in the concrete that could be compared to a pothole in reverse. But other times, heat buckling can cause huge slabs of road to move upwards, creating an asphalt ramp in the middle of the road.

This was the case on Highway 29 in Wisconsin when a massive section of road buckled up and created a giant ramp across the entire highway. The section was marked by two orange construction signs- which admittedly was not nearly enough warning for how big of a problem this heat buckle was- but was bound to be hit by a car going full speed at some point or another. Lucky for the world, someone happened to be filming the moment an SUV drove over the ruined section of road at full freeway speeds.

After what was easily a General Lee-esk 5-6 foot jump in the air, a crash landing, and swerving across the median into oncoming traffic, the SUV finally came to a stop with no injuries reported. But, hey, why read about it when you can watch it all happen below?

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