Watch Top Gear Korea’s Filming Helicopter Crash

By | March 6, 2012

Top Gear Korea Helicopter Crash

We’re used to seeing mishaps on Top Gear, but this one likely takes the cake. While filming for the next season of Top Gear Korea in the deserts of Arizona, the helicopter used for capturing aerial footage and those high-speed Top Gear flybys we all love took a nose dive and never recovered. The results were captured on video, making it even harder to believe that the pilot and passenger walked away alive and unhurt after the crash.

For those wondering, the helicopter in question was an AH-1 Cobra, the primary attack helicopter used by the United States Marine Corps and the machine responsible for frequently killing off 15-year-olds everywhere playing the Call Of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer. This particular chopper was a decommissioned military unit and repurposed for a different kind of shooting.

Still, it’s not quite as bad as this.

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