Weekend in Review: Euro Dyno Day

By | January 31, 2011

Audi RS4

Some people associate the term “Euro” with stretched, stanced, and bagged VW’s and Audi’s thanks to people like me. We sometimes tend to focus a little more on the show than the go. Luckily, the Euro scene here in Utah is full of big turbo wearing, perfect apex executing, import smashing cars whose main focus IS the “go”. A group of these performance seeking Euro enthusiasts put together a dyno day at local dyno and performance shop, Ziptie Dynowerks in Salt Lake, and of course, the Daily Derbi was there.

Headlining the event was local Audi hero Hank and his uber built, big turbo ’81 Quattro sporting a fresh coat of red paint. Before Hank’s Quattro was strapped to the rollers, we saw a slew of other Euro’s run including a pair of mean Audi RS4′s. Each put down respectable power numbers given their “light” mods and the usual AWD drivetrain loss. The sound these cars make is absolutely intoxicating and is often mistaken for thunder or the humming of Zeus himself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there when Hank showed up with his monster Quattro but thanks to the marvels of modern technology we have his 520 horsepower run here in moving pictures:

Although temperatures were low, spirits were high as 15-20 enthusiasts chatted, joked around, and perused each other’s prized possession while others tested their “true grit” (lame, sorry) on the dyno. All in all, I’d say this little performance GTG was a success and look forward to many more as the weather warms up. Hell, I’d even throw my little GTI on there if only dyno’s measured “stance” as well as horsepower. Just kidding.

[Brandon Christiansen, VWVortex]

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