Weekend Wallpaper: #06 Core Autosport LMPC

By | December 16, 2012

#06 CORE autosport

#06 CORE autosport LMPC

What happens with you take a GM small block LS3 V8, rated at around 430hp, add a 6-speed sequential gearbox, Brembo reinforced carbon-carbon brakes, and wrap it all in a kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork? You have the #06 CORE autosport LMPC race car, winner of the American Le Mans Series Prototype Challenge class two years in a row.

To be fair, all ALMS LMPC cars have the same specs. An Oreca FLM09 chassis, all the above mentioned parts, running on Michelin rubber, propelling the 2000lb car to 100mph in less then 6 sec. Not your average spec car racing experience!

And while I’m not typically a fan of spec series racing, watching this class over the last two years has provided some pretty intense racing.

With the 2013 winter testing closing in, keep an eye out for CORE autosport, they will be “one of the ones” to watch!

Download here.

Weekend Wallpaper is a weekly series featuring the automotive photography of the Daily Derbi crew.  This week’s photo is by Mike Gillilan.

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