Weekend Wallpaper: #18 Lister Knobbly

By | December 9, 2012

#18 1958 Lister Knobbly

#18 1958 Lister Knobbly

Certain vehicles stand out from their peers at Vintage events. My first encounter with a Lister Knobbly caused me to stop photographing long enough to take in this car’s magnificent lines, group leading performance and harmony with the track.

Its current owner, Mr. Tom Malloy, describes his 1958 chassis BHL-112, one of only about 20 or so, “depending on the source,” as well as one of the most original, Lister Knobbly units given to the world, still in competition. This iteration‘s life included removal of its original Jaguar 3.8L heart, replacement with a Chevrolet 327 for SCCA, subsequent restoration to magnificence when Jim Kaufman of Green Bay, Wisconsin reinstalled Jag power. Vintage racing owners’ and drivers’ passion for detail shows in this Lister’s restored nose and tail sections handmade using original Lister bucks and patterns by the same shop.

Can we detect aspirations of future iconic wheels in this classic? Anyone see any XKE here among the “Knobblies”? Catch this Lister Knobbly along with Mr. Malloy driving some of his many classic cars at Vintage events throughout the country.

See you at the track.

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Weekend Wallpaper is a weekly series featuring the automotive photography of the Daily Derbi crew.  This week’s photo is by Neil Eschenfelder

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