Weekend Wallpaper: 1966 Ford GT40 Mark II

By | July 28, 2013

1966 Ford GT40 Mark II

1966 Ford GT40 Mark II

So you drove your heart out making your shifts behind the wheel over the last 24 hours, busting your bearings against the world’s most iconic brands and drivers, proving you, Ken Miles and Dennis Hulme behind the wheel of a Ford 7liter powered GT40 Mark II supercar deserve to not only sit at the winner’s circle of 1966’s LeMans 24 hour endurance race but put the rest of the racing world on notice: Ford Motor Company builds cars capable of enduring more and outperforming all others.

Ken’s at the wheel. Victory’s in sight, the previous 24 hours a blur of speed, adrenalin and pride as the finish line lies a relatively short distance ahead. Ford’s hierarchy, though, passed on instruction: All three finishing Ford GT40 Mark II’s were to cross the finish line together posting an undeniable exclamation point at the end of a race going down in history with, if not the most dominant win in LeMans’ recordbooks, at least the most controversial finish. Slowing his GT40, Miles allowed Bruce McClaren and Chris Amon’s Mark II across the finish line first.

GT40P Plaque

GT40P Plaque

According to Road and Track’s 45th anniversary documentation of the race as well as the plaque resting at the foot of the car currently on display at Miller Motorsports Park’s Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum, GT40P/1015 resting directly in front of you, rightfully earned first place winning honors.  Gazing upon this diminutive machine you can almost feel the history pouring forth from its smooth lines. This car, this very body, engine, transmission, steering wheel; all of it, ran full blast for 24 hours carrying designers’, engineers’, mechanics’, drivers’, planners’ best efforts, and, for that matter the entire Ford Motor Company itself along with Shelby America, into automobile racing lore; not to mention stirring visions in every 16 year old pseudo gearhead in the US.

Many thanks to the Larry H. Miller Group for allowing me access to this thoroughbred vehicle.

See you at the track.

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