Weekend Wallpaper: 1969 deTomaso Mangusta

By | October 20, 2013

1969 deTomaso MangustaMost people know them for the Pantera but the deTomaso Mangusta is where the company started.  Only 401 of the Ghia designed Mangusta were built making them pretty rare.  They are in fact as rare as a Ferrari Enzo.  The Mangusta is an Italian mid-engined sports car powered by a small block Ford.  When the car launched in 1967 it was powered by a 306 HP 289 CID V8 in Europe while the US version had a 221 HP 302 CID V8.  Both versions used a ZF 5 speed transmission.

The car is small and low to the ground.  The 32/68 weight balance and flimsy chassis doesn’t help the handling.  The interior is anything but spacious.  My 6’3″ frame simply doesn’t fit.  My head quite literally hits the headliner when I push the clutch in.  There is also nowhere for my knees.  The seats are extremely snug.  I am also rather skinny and am still too fat for these toddler-sized seats.  Want to reverse?  Fo-gitabou-it!  Rear visibility is so poor you’d better practice your Lamborghini style reversing skills.

The price for this Italian classic?  About $120,000.  This particular one is probably worth a little more as it only has 2300 miles on the clock.  So if you are 5’4″ and weigh 75lbs by all means buy one.  But if you want a deTomaso you can actually fit in then get yourself a Pantera.

Download the full resolution image here.

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