Weekend Wallpaper: #2 Project Libra Racing P2 Radical SR9

By | March 31, 2013

#2 Project Libra Racing

#2 Project Libra Racing


Making it’s debut at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca round of the American Le Mans Series last year, this is the #2 Project Libra Racing P2 car.

Powered by a Ford EcoBoost 3.2-liter turbo’d V6, built by Roush-Yates. As with other P2 cars, this is a cost capped class with your choice of production based engines. Of course, these are heavily tuned / balanced / blue-printed engines, but they do start out life as an engine you’d find on the road. With a minimum weight of 1984-lbs and producing around 450 ponies, this is another one of those you-better-know-what-your-doing type of race cars.

The chassis is built by Radical in the UK.

I couldn’t find official word on if Project Libra is returning for the 2013 racing season. They were rumored to be 12 hours of Sebring, but I didn’t see them on the official entry list.

Let us hope they return for a few more races this year, perhaps if Project Libra Racing is reading this, they can enlighten us all!

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Chance Hales on April 1, 2013 at 12:28 am.

Radical opened their spec series at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend.

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