Weekend Wallpaper: #9 RSR Racing LMPC

By | July 13, 2013

#9 RSR Racing LMPC

#9 RSR Racing LMPC

Rising from the ashes of the old ALMS GT RSR Jaguar program, Paul Gentilozzi and his sons, Tony and John, ie - RSR racing, decided to try their hand in the LMPC class.

For those not familiar with LMPC class, it’s basically a spec prototype race car class. A stepping stone to the more powerful P2 and P1 classes. And despite my occasional issues with spec racing, ALMS’s LMPC class provides a surprising amount of exciting racing to watch.

We’ve covered other LMPC cars before. Most recently the #06 Core Autosport car. This being a spec series, the specs of the RSR car is the same of the Core Autosport car – GM powered small block LS3 V8 putting down 430hp, encompassed in an Oreca FLM09 chassis.

Now, why the wrap for the film “Prometheus“? One of the stable of drivers for RSR Racing is Tomy Drissi of Drissi Advertising. You know those large cardboard displays promoting upcoming movies when you go to the theater? Well, Mr. Drissi owns one of the larger companies that creates those. That’s one way to write off your racing!

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