Weekend Wallpaper: Cooper Tires Prototype Lites L2 #15 Wilzig Racing West WR1000

By | June 17, 2012

Cooper Tires Prototype Lites L2 #15 Wilzig Racing West WR1000

Want to race at some of the best tracks in North America? Want to race LMPC and LMP1/2 cars in ALMS/WEC? Cooper Tires Prototype Lites could very well be your ticket to the big leagues.

This is the L2 #15 Wilzig Racing West WR1000. Some highlights of these L2 prototype lites: an engine that revs up to 12,000 rpm and produces 180hp, F1 style paddle shifters, carbon fiber brakes, composites all around, and tipping the scales around 885 pounds. This is a serious spec racer. Easy enough for a beginner with enough growth and sophistication for the more experienced drivers out there. And these are the specs for the L2 class, the slower of the two classes in Prototype Lites!

And if any of you remember that guy in New York that built his own private race track? That is him pictured…

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