Weekend Wallpaper: Nascar K&N series – Shining Monkey #21 Chevrolet

By | December 11, 2011

Nascar K&N Series - GGRT/RCR Shining Monkey #21 Chevrolet Impala SS

Nascar K&N Series is a “feeder” series to the upper echelon of Nascar racing. Both for the drivers and crew members. Good to see a series as big as Nascar, help aspiring racers out.

As many know, Nascar is know for racing in oval tracks. Now, some would argue that running around in circles is not racing. Some would say it is. K&N series does speed most of it’s time not making left handed turns. But it does have a handful of road course races. Such as Portland International Raceway and Miller Motorsports Park, to name a few. Which, IMO, is a good thing. Not every driver trying out for Nascar will end up with Nascar, many will go to other series that run exclusively on road courses.

Now, NASCAR does stand for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing”. So, what constitutes a stock car for the K&N series? Start with hand built steel body or a one-piece composite body. These bodies are later branded with one of four manufactures (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota – don’t forget the headlight stickers). Engines are built by teams to Nascar specs, using parts from Nascar approved vendors. All engines are 4 barrel carb, 358 pushrod V8s, mated to a 4 speed transmission, pumping out ~650hp. Car must be able to run on leaded or unleaded fuel. So, next time you are looking for a new car, ask the Toyota sales person for a 5.8L pushrod V8 Camery, that runs on leaded fuel.

Which got me thinking, is Nascar forever stuck in automotive technology history, best known for it’s drivers personalities and stereotypes? Or is there really something “more” to America’s most popular racing series? Your thoughts, fine readers?

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