Weekend Wallpaper: Roush Mustang #115

By | October 6, 2013

Roush Mustang #115

Roush Mustang #115

Doug Richmond of Delaware loved racing Ford GT350’s so much he pursued victory in the venerable machines for nearly 14 years.  Knowing what it’s like to always want to upgrade my equipment in the world of photography, I understood, during my interview with Doug, why he wanted to move up to the next race car performance level, acquiring his T/A Roush Racing Mustang Chassis 14 as a result of his relationship with South Carolina’s Phelon Motorsports and why he spent 2.5 years prepping it for the Vintage Auto Racing circuit.

Attending SVRA’s Vintage Grand Prix in both 2010 and 2011, I looked forward to 2012’s show. As part of SVRA group 11TA2, the group I call “The Heavies,” Doug’s #115 car performed well during the 2011 event.  My 3rd race brought a different Roush Mustang blistering pavement on Watkins Glen’s sinuous and varied track 3.7 mile track. This car looked similar to my photo archive’s 2010 and 2011 Roush originated Mustangs but differed enough, both in speed and appearance, I wanted to check out its differences and see if it was a car from previous years, just repainted.

I found Doug as the owner who, while operating Richmond’s Automotive, Delaware’s premier and only MBUSA certified collision service, makes time to satisfy his racing habit throughout the East’s Vintage Auto Racing venues. While driving an earlier Vintage event, he pitted next to Phelon Motorports’ team, striking up a relationship with them. Learning more about racing and available vehicles from Phelon, leaving his beloved GT350’s to the past, Doug took a major step, finding and restoring Chassis 14, fielding it as Roush Mustang #115.

Great as it was, racing #115 wouldn’t be enough for Doug. Sadly Dale Phelon passed away leading to team dissolution and liquidation in mid-2012. Doug eventually acquired Phelon’s Roush tube chassis #2, an earlier sibling to his already owned Chassis #14.  He raced #115 against Chassis #2 for several years. Now he owned it.

Roush Mustangs

Roush Mustangs

So, here’s Doug acquiring a completely new to him set of wheels, unraced for 18 months, in mid-2012 deciding he’s entering it for competition in September. Spearheading the job himself, Doug readied it in time to join group 11TA2 at the Glen in only 6 weeks. Sporting a slightly detuned 358 CID NASCAR Sprint engine pumping out 800 HP, Doug told me he can squeeze 24 racing hours from this power plant before major rebuild. Tim Schmidt, formerly of Phelon Motorpsorts, maintains contact with Doug through to this day, sharing a few performance secrets since Dale passed on. Doug says Chassis #2 has a completely new 1990 fiber paneled body and 1993 paint job making it look terrific on the track and off.  He adds T/A drivers and owners form a cult sharing information on parts, service and maintenance. Cottage industries around the country crank out body panels while parts sometimes trade even among competitors. He says it was a hard sell telling his wife he bought a second Roush car while keeping #115.

Roush Mustang #61

Roush Mustang #61

And I thought telling my wife I bought a new camera was difficult.

See you at the track.

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Download the full resolution Roush Mustang #61*

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