What Is The Pagani Zonda F C12S RAK?

By | October 10, 2010

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Zonda RAKFor years the Zonda C12 has easily held on to the title of “most bizarre looking car ever”. It’s also holds the title of the car most resistant to death. Over the last few years so many “final” editions of the Zonda have been planned and produced then followed up by another final edition that it comes as no surprise at all to hear about the Zonda F C12S RAK.

So what is the Zonda F C12S RAK exactly? As development towards Zonda’s new C9 project continues, we thought the C12 was finally on it’s way to becoming a “classic”. But according to a very credible German exotic dealership website, they are receiving shipment of  a RAK, a Zonda that has “further technical improvements” over the previous final edition C12S, the Cinque and Cinque Roadster. After a quick Google translate, here is what the dealership website says:

New vehicle to transfer miles and possibly formal approval The Pagani Zonda RAK. The ultimate road going Zonda is the last Pagani Zonda C12 series, which is equipped with further technical improvements over the Pagani Zonda Cinque! The Zonda RAK is one of a kind!

We think it’s kinda lame that Zonda is putting out yet another final edition of the C12, however, it’s exciting to think that the RAK could incorporate technology spawned from the delicious Zonda R. Can you say 6:47 ‘Ring lap from a road-legal car!

The only specific detail we do know about this C12 swan song- and sorry, no pics yet- is the fact that it is insanely, ridiculously, unbelievably pricey: 1,849,001 Euros to make it yours. Do a quick conversion and you’ll find that’s a jaw dropping $2,576,767. Eh, we’d rather have a GT-R and two mansions for that price.

[Chad Waite, Mobile.de w/ Google Translate]

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