What Royal People Drive To A Royal Wedding

By | April 29, 2011

Although the glamor and hype of the royal wedding holds virtually zero appeal to anyone who writes for this blog, we have decided to join the royal wedding bandwagon and do our obligatory coverage on the event. No, we don’t really care too much about the people, but we do care about the cars. And if there’s just one very good thing to come from this event from an automotive standpoint, it’s the vehicles that the royal couple use to ferry themselves to and from¬†Westminster Abbey where the marriage took place.

Royal Wedding Bentley Arnage

Prince William chose a custom-design Bentley Arnage for his trip to the abbey. Built specifically for the Queen, this car is taller and heavier than the standard Arnage, most likely due to a fair amount of bullet proofing and MI6 missiles behind the headlights. That would be so cool….

Royal Wedding Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Landaulette

Kate Middleton pulled up in the¬†Queen’s Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Landaulette, a car that was, much like the Arnage, custom built way back in 1977 and featured a raised roof line. Why the raised roof? To allow the Queen’s often very tall hats plenty of room to do whatever hats do near the top of a 1977 Rolls.

Royal Wedding Aston Martin DB5

So far both of those cars get a big “meh” from us. The Aston Martin DB6 Volante they drove away from the ceremony in, however, was nothing short of proper. One of the best looking cars to ever see production, this DB6 was a gift to Prince William for his 21st birthday. Interestingly, the car had been converted so that it now runs on biofuel made from English white wine wastage, making that choice both proper and environmentally responsible, which we’re sure is at the top of anyone’s mind who actually cares about the royal wedding. Sarcasm doesn’t transfer well in writing.

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StephAnn Knotts on April 30, 2011 at 2:18 am.

That was a nice getaway car. They looked cute in it. lol

tourbillon on May 4, 2011 at 11:57 pm.

Just an erratum about the Aston, it isn’t William’s car but his father’s. It was given to him by the Queen in 1969 for his investiture as the Prince of Wales. It still belongs to Prince Charles but he let William drive it for the wedding.

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