Why Eminem Wants You To Buy A Chrysler 200

By | February 9, 2011

If you are one of the 111 Million viewers of the Super Bowl last Sunday it is a guarantee that you saw many of the hilarious commercials.  Despite all the tongue in cheek comedy of the Doritos commercials and the Volkswagen dark side of the force key-less entry promo, it is the more serious Chrysler 200 commercial that has caught the most attention.  Why? You may ask.

Well for one, it features an Eminem who apparently has grown-up from his days as  Slim Shady.  Heaven forbid we ever have to experience a throwback to the days of 8 Mile, we prefer the rediscovered Eminem.  Ironically though, what 8 Mile is to Eminem…Eminem is to Chrysler, err Chrysler is to Detroit.  Wha? Scratch your head over that one for a second.

The other reason for all the attention – this commercial hit home with Americans.  It reminds us that we are great, that we will always fight, and that we will come out of this recession stronger than ever.  We all know that if there was ever a place hit harder by the down-turned economy it was Detroit.  Using the hard hitting and contagious guitar riff from Lose Yourself (by Eminem), you are drawn in by the history, the nostalgia and spirit that embodies Detroit.  In essence, if Eminem can rediscover himself, than Chrysler should by all means be able to reinvent itself and the way that the world views American industrialism.  This all adds up to making Detroit, the Motor City, awesome again!   In order to do all of that Eminem needs you to roll in a Chrysler 200.  This is what we do!

For $23,745 you get the Chrysler 200 Limited, which gets 31 mpg, has leather seats, navigation, stability control, traction control, and if your road construction detour lands you in the bad side of town… a button in the glove-box that teleports Eminem to your rescue.

[Bryan Cochran, Chrysler]


StephAnn Knotts on February 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm.

I’m going to admit here that part of me thought this commercial was cool and the other part of me was laughing my head off at it. They had to clean up that theatre and restore it in order to use it, which is awesome… but I’m not an Eminem fan – I think ht’s funny in the way that my cousins act all tough like him, the designer in me hates the Chrysler logo redo and their OTHER commercials and I just feel all sorts of sad for Detroit all the time.nnBUT, I loved the concept. :D

Bryan Cochran on February 10, 2011 at 5:57 pm.

Steph,nnI agree that too many people try to act like Eminem and that Chrysler misses the mark on too many levels. Detroit could really use some love, we know that. I honestly think it is going to take more than Chrysler, GM and Eminem to get Detroit back to Motor City status.

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