Will Speed Camera Lottery Slow Down Speeders?

By | November 15, 2010

Speed Camera LotteryHatred for the speed camera is a pretty universal thing. From Clarkson to fellow Arizonians, this automated speed trap is solely responsible for millions of dollars in speeding fines mailed in the form of a paper citation to unsuspecting motorists everywhere.

Surprised was then an understatement to our reaction when we heard of an idea that uses speeding cameras to reward motorists who actually obey the speed limit at the expense of speeders.

It’s called the speed camera lottery and the idea is actually relatively simple. Take an ordinary speed camera and put it in a place where people speed (ok, ok, don’t hate on it just yet). The camera goes about doing its job of taking pictures of speeding cars and sending their drivers tickets, just like any other speed camera. But it also has another duty, and this is where it gets fun. The camera takes pictures of every single vehicle that has obeyed the speed limit and enters those drivers into a lottery to win the money that has been collected from speeders.

See, instead of those ticket fees going to a state budget, they would be used as a sort of “win by random drawing” prize for good, law-abiding citizens- thus the speed camera lottery. And we have a sneaking suspicion that if cash prizes are involved, this may just work.

The speed camera lottery is the brainchild of Kevin Richardson. He submitted it as a simple idea to “The Fun Theory” competition put on by VW. As he explains in this video below, it’s pretty surprising to even him that this idea has caught on so well.

No idea on just how big the lottery prize would be, but given the insane amounts of speeding tickets that are given out everyday, it has potential to be big- maybe even enough to buy one of these. What do you think? Would the appeal of a cash prize lottery keep you from speeding?

[Chad Waite- Thanks to Nate for the tip]

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StephAnn Knotts on November 16, 2010 at 3:32 am.

No sir, it would not. I’d rather go fast. :)

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