Word On The Street: De Tomaso Plans New Car For Geneva

By | November 28, 2010

De Tomaso PanteraWe like when currently defunct car companies are brought back into existence. Just take a look at Bugatti. There have been dozens of years where Bugatti had gone without producing a single vehicle and then BOOM, they’ll pull out an EB110 or a Veyron SuperSport and blow the automotive world away.

Now, rumors have surfaced that De Tomaso is planning on pulling a Bugatti and bringing their name back to life with the introduction of three new vehicles including a coupe (we know they’re good at that), a sedan, and an SUV model. As is the usual procedure with these things, the cars would start as concepts and be unveiled at the next Geneva Motor Show.

And as usual with us here at The Daily Derbi, we couldn’t care less about the SUV and are only mildly excited about the sedan, but it’s the coupe that really has us stoked for this Italian’s return. De Tomaso’s Pantera really was one of the greatest sports coupes of all time in terms of design and it still turns heads today. We witnessed this first hand when we reported on an absolutely beautiful Pantera at this year’s Autorama show (pictured below). There are no other details, pictures or any other information that would make this rumor not a rumor, but needless to say we’ll have our eye on this one.

Do you think the history and reputation of De Tomaso is enough to make a strong Bugatti-esk comeback or are you simply wondering “what the hell a De Tomato is?”

De Tomaso Pantera

[Chad Waite, GTSpirit]

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