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KORJO Car Underglow Lights, 6 Pcs Bluetooth Led Strip Lights
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1. Best Overall: KORJO Car Underglow Lights, 6 Pcs Bluetooth Led Strip Lights

KORJO Car Underglow Lights, 6 Pcs Bluetooth Led Strip Lights are designed to give your car a bit more personality. These light strips come with a built-in 16 million colors and 120 kinds of chasing modes. Blocks out the sun, prevents eye strain and keeps your dashboard free from scratches. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Xprite Car Underglow Neon Accent Strip Lights Kit 8 Color Sound Active

The Xprite Neon underglow accent strip light kit is a great addition to your car. Strings of bright LED lights add color and energy to any vehicle. The kit includes 8 colors and 2 light effects. The sound active modes function based on the music played through your stereo system, so you don't have to worry about it interfering with the tunes on your speakers. Read Review

3. Best Choice: Govee Underglow Car Lights, RGBIC Car Underglow Lights

Govee Underglow Car Lights are the most affordable RGBIC car underglow lights on the market. They are easy to install and can be synced to your phone. With smart color picking and a wide range of scene modes, Govee Home app can capture colors on your favorite photos and apply them to your car underglow lights. Read Review

4. Best Convenient: OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow LED Lighting Kit for Cars

The OPT7 Aura Aluminum Underglow LED Lighting Kit for Cars is a must-have kit for your vehicle. With its high-intensity LEDs and multi-color modes, this bar is perfect for any style. With 5 modes of different colors and sound activated, the Aura Aluminum Underglow kit will set yourself up with the perfect look. Read Review

There are a lot of things that play into your decision when looking for the right car. Many different factors come into play, and it can be difficult to sift through all of them. One of the most important things you need to think about when shopping for your next car is underglow.

Underglows are small lights that get wired into your vehicle, so they’re hidden until you want them to show up. These little lights usually sit in front of the gauges on your dash or steering wheel, but some vehicles have them built into their dash itself. Regardless of where they are, underglows provide interesting detail for any car enthusiast to appreciate.

There are many types of underglows with different themes and features that set each one apart from the others. Here we’ll explore some of the best car underglow products on the market today, so you can find just what you need in your next car.

We have chosen many of the good items currently available, including KORJO Car Underglow Lights, 6 Pcs Bluetooth Led Strip Lights - our favorite one. We also provide you with Xprite Car Underglow Neon Accent Strip Lights Kit 8 Color Sound Active model that you may consider if the top is not your choice.

You will be surprised at the information we are about to share below! Let's explore the special features of products from famous brands including Korjo, Xprite, Govee, Opt7, Etinas, Ct capetronix, Sanwo right here.

Products Suggest

◕‿◕ Dream Color Led Strips ➤ Built-in 120 Kinds of Color Chasing Modes looks like recurrently chasing, skipping, dancing, twinkling on the strip. You also can mark your favorite chasing effect. 16 million colors for you to DIY a static color for lighting.

◕‿◕ All in 1 kit & 6 months Warranty ➤ Package Includes: 6 Pcs Car Led Lights (2 * 61in+ 4 * 23.6in ) + 1 Bluetooth Controller + 1 Cigarette Power Adapter + 1 bag of mounting clips + 1x User Manual. ★ Our KORJO Car underglow kit comes with 【6 months Warranty & 30 Days Money Back】and life long technical support. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Service will be more than happy to help within 24 hours.

◕‿◕ APP Control Car Under Lights ➤ Download APP, turn on Bluetooth, then start the app to control the led lights, turn on/off, set brightness and chasing speed, everything controlled by your phone, very convenient and easy operation.

◕‿◕ Easy installation & Universal Compatibility ➤ You can power the strip lights by the 12V cigarette adapter or by Positive/Negative wiring. The features of Flexible, Strong self-adhesive make it easy to applied under the car. The 12V voltage means it can be used by almost all of the car. Perfect for Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Trucks, Boats decoration. And as a decorative light, it can also used to decorate your house, garden, party or anywhere you want.

◕‿◕ IP 68 Waterproof & Strong adhesive ➤ Whole light kit Waterproof. The 5050 LED Strips are protected by the Flexible Rubber Tubing, the controller and all connectors are also made of waterproof material, well protected from Road Conditions and Debris and Rain day. Strong Pre-Applied Adhesive tape with spare mounting clips and cable tie.

➤ IP 68 Waterproof & Strong adhesive:Whole light kit Waterproof. The 5050 LED Strips are protected by the Flexible Rubber Tubing, the controller and all connectors are also made of waterproof material, well protected from Road Conditions and Debris and Rain day.

➤ Easy installation & Universal Compatibility:You can power the strip lights by the 12V cigarette adapter or by Positive/Negative wiring.The 12V voltage means it can be used by almost all of the car. Perfect for Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Trucks, Boats decoration. And as a decorative light, it can also used to decorate your house, garden, party or anywhere you want.

➤ High Brightness LED Chips:High Intensity SMD 5050 LED Chips. 3 In 1 RGB Chips, Brighter Output ,Uniform Lighting. Enhances the Look and Feel of your Vehicle with Brilliant Lighting Effects.

➤ Multi-Color Fuction:This Undercar Strips Lighting Kits have 8 Preset Static Colors .4 Lighting Effects: 2 Preset Jump and 2 Preset Fading Patterns. 4 Sound Active modes, LEDs change according to sound. Pre-Applied Adhesive Tape.

➤ Reliable Service:With over 10 years experience on LED car lights manufacturing,Xprite provides Satisfying after-sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question

Simple installation: 2 lines design with long wires helps install exterior car lights easily. Reinforce the underglow car lights with provided adhesives, clips and screws for more security.

Smart DIY mode: With smart color picking, Govee Home app can capture colors on your favorite photos, enjoy over 16 million colors and a host of scene modes and apply them to your car underglow lights.

Sync your music: A mic on phone sync music to your under car lights with ease. Choose from Soft or Dynamic mode and watch lights dance to the beat of your favorite songs, helping you drive in style.

Safe to use: Govee underglow for car equipped with a durable waterproof sleeve that protects them from road debris and rain can install with flexibility in various cars like SUVs and trucks.

2 ways to control: Manage govee underglow lights with Govee Home app via bluetooth connection and gain access to better features. And a convenient 4-button remote offers easier operation.

[BUILT TOUGH & WATERPROOF] Perfect for Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Truck and RVs. Able to uphold in toughest dry weather, snow, wet, muddy, you name it!

[HIGH BRIGHT INTENSITY LED CHIP] 4PC LED bar with 252 LEDs (2*48'' and 2*36'') 3-in-1 RGB Chips protected in silicone casing to ensure durability for long lasting.

[MULTI-COLOR MODES & FUNCTIONS] Underglow Aluminum Casing LED Bar has 16 colors options with 5 modes! Sound Active mode, LEDs change according to the beat of your music!

[1-YEAR-WARRANTY] OPT7 will always stand behind you, backed up with US Customer Support. We got your back!

[SAFE & NEAT INSTALLATION] - 18w gauge inline fuse power harness battery install, keeps your vehicle safe and neatly done.

【 Addressable LED Strip & Chasing Effect 】 ----- ①Special design by adding IC in strip lights, you can control a variety of Colors, Brightness and Chasing Speed as you want. ②Built-in 120 Kinds of Color Chasing Modes looks like recurrently chasing, skipping, dancing, twinkling on the strip, give you an amazing visual experience. ③You also can Mark Your Favorite Chasing Effect and only display the effect you mark. ④If you don’t want the chasing mode, you can DIY a Static Color for lighting.

【APP Controll】Download APP in Google play or APP store, connect Bluetooth, no setting or network management required. Easily turn on/off, adjust color and brightness. Everything controlled by your Smartphone, Very convenient and easy operation. 💗 NOTE: APP named: LED Hue. Supports IOS 10.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above.

Car Underglow Strip Lights perfect application for all Cars, SUV, Jeep, Truck Decoration, etc. Low-power Design Neon Lights Strip : This Car Atmosphere Lights Kit designed to be simple, also provides elegance outside the car when driving at night or enjoying music.Using for lighting up the entire under car, Enhances the Look and Feel of your Vehicle with Brilliant Eye-Catching Lighting Effects. It uses LED as light source energy saving,great power savers so you don't worry energy consumption.

【Easy Installation】Light strips with strong sturdy self-adhesive tape can be simply peeled off and pasted on any smooth surface (Please make sure the surface you intend to stick the light is clean,flat and dry). Waterproof Rate: IP68

『Energy Saving & 18-Month Warranty』- The ultra-bright LED beam of exterior car lights is 12V DC, 14W, with assets of low heat generation, low consumption and efficient heat dissipation achieving over 30000 hours lifespan. And it functions efficiently under temperatures ranging from -20°C~60°C. And CT CAPETRONIX offers an 18-month warranty to ensure an even pleasant customer experience. High-quality and professional service, if you have any questions, please contact us, we're happy to assist you

『2-Line Design & IP68 Waterproof』- This car underglow light is of 2-line design connecting 4 strip lights of 2 x 35.4 inch + 2 x 47.2 inch,  our long car LED light connecting wires to enable it to perfectly fit Including all cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and even boats as it is IP68 waterproofed rating to protect them from road debris and rain. And the neon underglow kit can also be used in a variety of interior & exterior applications like decorative lighting for houses, gardens, party, etc

『Upgraded Design & Ultra Brightness』- This car LED light exterior adopts 126 pcs SMD 5050 LED chips to ensure brighter and more uniform light output. IC is added on the basis of the original RGB, which achieves the effect of chasing light and allows customers to get a new user experience. With a dream color chasing effect and various modes for you to enjoy and indulge, the underglow light kit will definitely make your vehicle stand out and your driving experience will never be the same

『Safe and Easy to install & Strong Adhesive』- Strong self-adhesive, and zip ties ensure it installed stably---【Note: Please wipe off the dirt and dust on the surface of the car before sticking the lamp, so that the adsorption force will be stronger】--- With built-in fuse keeps the underglow for cars from short-circuit malfunction. And the adoption of high resistant materials makes it withstand any extreme weather and road debris to maintain an even longer .

『APP Control & Music Sync』- With practical “Magic Lantern” application which features 16 million vibrant colors to DIY unique under glow light kit for car, 213 static and dynamic lighting modes, music sync and sound sensor that can synchronize the lighting system under the car with ambient music played, rainbow-like dream color chasing effect and even more for you to explore and live up to your Smart Life by a simple touch on your phone

🚗 The best thing about this rainbow dream color underglow kit for car is that you not only get super brilliant and smart 150 RGB-IC LEDs offer 142 kinds of Dynamic Lighting Effects, but it even supports 18 Music Sync Modes and 16 Million Colors, completely customize to create the light show of your dreams.

🚗🚙 325 inches super long and super bright, colorful and flexible strip lights. Widely fits for Cars, Pickup Trucks, F-150, SIERRA, RAM TRUCK and super cars.

🚗 One of the most powerful options out there thanks to this underglow lighting kit comes with a total of 6 lights in the box and the 5FT super long strip light in one piece! If you have a large truck, get this kit.

🚙 Add Sanwo 2nd Gen underglow lights to your vehicles for an accessory that not only looks amazing, but also underglow gives your ride a distinctive look and improve visibility.

🚙 As you would expect from a premium, Sanwo also offers and toughness and duarable enough LED strips and wirings stand up road debris and IP68 waterproof, flexible enough to seamlessly wrap around the truck's underbody a breeze.

Music Mode: A mic on phone can sync your music to govee car lights with ease and watch your under led car lights dancing to the beat of your favorite songs, helping you drive in style.

Safe To Use: The govee car lights are equipped with a durable waterproof sleeve that protects them from road debris and rain, which are suitable for off-road and everyday driving.

Simple Installation: 2 strip lights with long wires helps connect the under led car lights. Install and reinforce your underglow lights easily with the provided adhesives, cable ties and screws.

2 Lines Design: No matter what car model you drive, govee car lights connecting wires enable it to perfectly install. 2 lines design make setup a breeze, ensure lighting brightness as well.

Smart App Control: Bluetooth underglow kits for car have 16 million vibrant colors and 7 scene mode options on Govee Home App. Dim or brighten the under car led lights with one simple tap.

[Exclusive Light Bar] - RGBIC is far superior made with IP67 waterproof, dustproof material, output ultra bright.

[Dreamcolor Mode] Our RGB LED bar holds 252 - 5050 LED pcs on the bar, uses a built-in IC (Integrated Circuit) chip, like an aurora in the sky, can simultaneously display multiple colors.

[One-Year Warranty] - Lifetime technical support and one-year warranty, OPT7 always stand behind you. Note: This kit is not compatible with AURA Original LED strip connection or AURA PRO.

[Safe & Neat Installation] - 18w gauge inline fuse power harness battery install, keeps your vehicle safe and neatly done.

[Aluminum Casing] - 4pcs aluminum casing light strip with 252 LEDs (2 x 36'' & 2 x 48'')

[FUNCTIONS] New convenient remote control design with 8 preset static colors, 4 lighting effects, and 4 sound active modes. Along with adjustable speed and brightness, all at the tip of your fingers. Our control box has a built-in high-sensitivity mic for sound active modes. Easier to operate and turn on/off, and powered with a 12V cigarette plug. The Remote Range is over 100FT.

[HIGHT QUALITY] - Made of Flexible Rubber Tubing, Protected from Road Conditions and Debris. It can be Bent Freely and has the characteristics of High and Low-Temperature Resistance. Waterproof Rate: IP67 【NOTE: It is very necessary to use the included fuse holder to install in order to properly protect your vehicle and equipment.】

[EASY INSTALLATION] - With Quick Connect Plugs and Pre-Applied Adhesive Tape to Apply the LED Strips under the car. Can be Used in a variety of Interior and Exterior Applications Including all Cars, SUVs, JK, JL, Vans, trucks, Boats, pickup Decorations, etc,.

[QUICK CONNECT BLUETOOTH] Bluetooth controlled with 16 million color RGB color wheel, play your downloaded music feature, active microphone responsive, and over 30 strobe patterns to choose from, compatible with iOS 7 and above or Android 4.3 and above.

[HIGH BRIGHTNESS DOUBLE ROW LED CHIPS] - High-Intensity SMD 5050 LED Chips. 3 In 1 RGB Chips, Brighter Output, Uniform Lighting. Enhances the Looks and Feel of your Vehicle with Brilliant Lighting Effects.

What to Look For in a best car underglow?

It may take a long longer to make the best shopping decision. As a result, we are accessible to assist you with your best car underglow issue at any time of day or night!

There are some highlighted features of best car underglow you should be aware of before make decision:

Ease Of Installation

It takes about five minutes to put a bright under-low kit in your car. There are many kits available that can make it difficult depending on your vehicle and how complicated the job is. The best kit will have double-sided adhesive tape. This should be strong enough to stick the strip on any surface, even when it is hit by speed bumps or hits holes. Clear instructions should be provided with the tools that are used for installing the strips.


The neon tubes emit more light than equivalent wattage LEDs. They consume more electricity, which is why they emit brighter light.
Neon tubes, on the other hand, rely only one bar for their light. LEDs have individual bulbs that illuminate their environment. They are able to distribute the emitted light more effectively.

The Beam Angle

A plan is required to install underglow lighting. People mistakenly believe that they can just peel the adhesive off and stick it to the underbelly of their car. Pay attention to the beam angle. The angle at which light from LED strip lights hits ground, and then illuminates all other parts of the vehicle below it.

Nature And Weight

An under-low waterproof kit must have LED trips that can stick to your car and not fall off. They should also be light enough to bend around curves or other parts. Under-low lighting is used to enhance the cars appearance. If the strips of light are not flexible enough to fit around bends and other curved parts, this won't be possible. The light strips should fit comfortably under or inside the car without hanging or sticking to the edges. To ensure that they latch on to any car surface, the weight of the lightweight strip must be minimal.


Some states or countries do not allow under-grow lights to be installed on cars. You should therefore take extra care when driving to the garage. Bright flashing colors are considered a danger to others driving in certain areas. It is legal for them to be installed in any part of the vehicle, including the interior. Before you buy that under-low kit you've been lusting over, make sure you check if your area allows them to be installed.


What are the colors that this kit can emit? Do you have any additional modes to increase the number of color combinations? Is the kit compatible with music? When you are looking for an underflow kit, these are the most important questions to ask.
An underflow light kit with customizable features and additional add-ons is necessary to get the most out of these products. Apps for mobile devices include wireless remotes, as well as the ability to set the flashing lights according to music.


The breakage of neon lights is more common than that of LED lights. This is because LEDs come in shock-and impact-resistant plastic that can withstand many impacts.
Instead, neon tubes are made from glass and can shatter if they come into direct contact with large rocks. They are not recommended for use off-road due to their fragility.


You can control how bright, fast, or dark the light flashes are set, as well as the colors and combinations. This makes the RGB Underglow Kit fun to have on your car. The kits would not be worth the cost if they came predetermined, unchangeable patterns. The ability to adjust the brightness and patterns to your liking is an important feature for any product that has a value below the low end.

The Budget

The cost of Underglow LED lights is very affordable. A kit can be fitted to your vehicle for as low as $10 The brand you choose and how much it costs will affect the quality of your kit. While the one might seem like a great deal right now, if the kit stops working within a couple of weeks you will be required to purchase another. In the end, it could cost you even more. You want something durable, so make sure you choose a trusted brand with a warranty. It is acceptable to pay between $30 and $60+. Any more than that amount is unjustifiable.

The Length Of The Strip

You should have an idea about the size of your car to determine what size strip you need. Smaller cars don't require very long led strips. They can be placed in places that are only 2-3 feet apart with a length of about 2 to 3 feet. If you have a larger vehicle, such as a truck or car, you will need to look for underflow kits that are at least 5 feet long. This is because you'll be able to get adequate coverage. You can also choose two shorter kits to cover each side of your car if you are having trouble finding one kit that is this long.


Which Among Neon And LED Lights Are The Best?

This question is dependent on what you prefer. An LED light is the best choice if you are looking for a long-lasting, durable product that can be customized with special effects and add-ons. Neon emits a bright light. However, the neon is delicate and susceptible to damage (especially on uneven terrain).

Are All Underglow Lights Waterproof?

Not all under-low kits are waterproof. It is important to verify the specs of any light that you purchase if your area experiences significant rainfall or snow.

Is An Underglow Kit Hard To Install?

It is easy to set up most car, truck, or SUV underglow kits. Most are easy to install, and can be connected directly to the power supply. Others may be more complex and require extra tools, or professional installation in a shop. Before you purchase a kit, make sure to read the instructions.

How Many Colors Can The Underglow Light Generate?

The amount of light that a kit can produce varies. While some LED lights can produce millions of different colors, neon tubes are limited to producing one color.

Is Underglow Light Kit Legal?

The use of an underflow light kit in certain states is illegal. Before you make a purchase, ensure that your state has laws regarding the underbody light kit.

Can I Install An Underglow Kit On A Motorcycle?

Although it's possible, LED and neon bulbs can be more efficient than strips of LED on motorcycles. Flip switches allow you to switch the lights on or off as needed. You can customize your lights by stopping the bike and using a Bluetooth remote or remote controlled one.

How Does Underglow Kit Work?

An underglow light kit can be added to any car. These lights illuminate the roads beneath your vehicle. They are mounted on the vehicle's chassis. These lights come in a variety of colors depending on which underflow kit is purchased.

Will An Underglow Kit Kill My Battery?

An underflow kit will increase your car's battery life. The battery life of traditional neon lights can quickly drain your vehicle's batteries. You won't feel the same impact if your LED underglow kits are more efficient.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Underglow Kit?

You should be able set up your lights in no time if you purchase the plug-and-play strips that plug into the 12-volt socket. Attach the underflow kit on your vehicle's chassis, and then drill the hole for the cable connection to the power source. Some neon lights can be complicated to install, so it is a good idea to hire a professional to do the job.

We will keep the list of best car underglow up-to-date once there are new technology and information available. Please check our website frequently to see the most up-to-date information by our editor.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding best car underglow that you'd like to share with us? We will try to attain even greater comedy as a result of your efforts.

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