Lamborghini Sends A “Teaser” For Newest Model

Ok, maybe the word “teaser” is even a bit much. Looking at the picture above, it’s obvious that Lamborghini is aiming to build the hype for their newest creation to wear the raging bull- hype that is no doubt super far in advance of its actual public debut. But really, Lambo, that’s it? A simple highlighted line with your logo?

Don’t get us wrong, the lineup of Italian cars on the top is nothing short of wallpaper-worthy, but give us a bit more to go off of here. Maybe even something fun and creative like BMW did with their new 5-Series.

Unlike the picture, however, the boys over at TeamSpeed give us a bit more substance on the new Lamborghini to sink our automotive teeth into, saying:

The presentation of the Murcielago successor to the dealers and VIP customers will take place in July. All official specs and the official name will be revealed in July to the dealers. Official public launch is supposed to happen at Paris auto show this fall.

There are no new rumors about specs, everything being repeated once and again. CF chassis, probably the monocell, think of MP4-12C but a bit different. New direct-injection V12 good for 700 hp or even slightly more with 0-100 km/h rumored to be around 3.0 seconds and top speed around 370 km/h.

Body will feature some style clues from Reventon, but it will be all-new concept with clear Lamborghini DNA. Car will be shorter than current Murcielago Also, traditional scissor doors are sacrificed to low weight, which is rumored to be below 1500 kg, doors will open in a bit different way to the side first and only then go up. New 21″ wheels and upgraded Brembo CC brake system. Price is to settle around current LP640 price.

In other words, if you’re a Lambo VIP customer and a Daily Derbi reader, please don’t make us wait till the Paris Auto Show to see pictures of this thing! The contact form is on the right!


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