Man Drove The Same Car For 82 Years

  • 05 Nov 2012 22:20
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Man Drove The Same Car For 82 Years

I’ve always considered myself to be a little nostalgic, especially with cars.  The longer I own a car, the harder it is for me to part with it.  There have been a few I’ve had a particularly hard time parting with.  The ’76 Toyota Corona I learned to drive in, an ’89 Dodge Ramcharger that made East Idaho winters enjoyable, and my ’93 Nissan Maxima that still holds the record for the most exorbitant speeding ticket issued on Main Street, Rexburg.

For Mr. Allen Swift of Springfield, Massachusetts, parting with his beloved set of wheels just wasn’t in the cards.  Allen Swift graduated from high school in 1928 and since a red Mustang convertible wouldn’t be available for another 36 years, his undoubtedly well-heeled father presented him with a brand new, 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster.  A graduation gift of Rolls-Royce caliber definitely warrants an extended period of ownership.  Mr. Swift owned him for 82 years.

Man Drove The Same Car For 82 Years

There have been plenty of people who have owned a single car for nearly a lifetime, even if it wasn’t for 82 years and a select few have even racked up astronomical odometer revolutions.  Ever heard of Million Mile Joe and his 1990 Honda Accord? Well, no offense Joe, but you can’t touch Allen Swift’s Rolls.  Not only did he own the car until his death last year (he was 102) but he also drove it… daily.  How many miles can you rack up over 82 years of daily driven ownership?  How about 1,070,000.  Million Mile Joe may have achieved his million mile goal but his car isn’t as old as Mickey Mouse and it’s a Honda.

Swift’s Piccadily-P1 Roadster was donated to a Springfield museum after his death and is said to still run like a Swiss watch, silent at any speed, and is in perfect cosmetic condition.

Source: Many thanks to Roger Neill of LeMay: America’s Car Museum

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