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Marussia B2- The Next Zany Russian Supercar

The appeal of supercars rests heavily on their unique, off-the-wall designs. The Lamborghini Reventon looks like a stealth fighter that crashed and landed on a Murcielago and the Pagani Zonda F is proof that extraterrestrial life does indeed exist. So what happens when you take a supercar design style and give it to the fun-loving Russians? You get a Marussia B2. And with only one glance onlookers are met with enough straight lines and acute angles to make even the CTS-V run and hide.

Under its bonnet, the B2 will be powered by a 3.5 liter Cosworth V6 producing around 420 hp- pretty high numbers for a V6. And with a smaller engine, the Marussia is bound to be on the lighter side of the weight scale. Yes, we admit it would be a bit more appealing if a big V10 rest under the hood but who can complain when your car looks like the stuff small children’s nightmares are made of?

Marussia B2- The Next Zany Russian Supercar

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