Aston Martin’s Lagonda Revival Gets A “Whoa!” From Us

  • 27 Sep 2010 23:56
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Aston Martin’s Lagonda Revival Gets A “Whoa!” From Us

If you were to have a conversation with a good buddy about the worst engineering, marketing, and design disasters in automotive history, the Aston Martin Lagonda would most certainly be the topic of discussion. Essentially a motorized doorstop, the Lagonda was overpriced, very unreliable, utterly appalling to look at, and was a total sales flop. We have to believe that even Aston Martin is a bit bashful about admitting that their family tree includes the proverbial red-headed stepchild of a car.

So it was nothing short of shocking when the Brits announced that they made plans to bring back the Lagonda. Worse still, we were even more disappointed that there was going to be yet another 4-doored Aston rolling around and further diluting the pure-breed, sports coupe brand we all know and love. And while we’ve been busy poking fun at how any sort of value could possibly be added to the name of one of the worst cars in history from a company that specialized in two-door coupes, Aston Martin was busy putting together this:

Aston Martin

And with these pictures, our friends across the big blue pond have completely shut us up. What an amazing-looking car. And what a departure from traditional Aston Martin styling. To all those who complained that “all Astons look the same”, this is your dispute resolution.

But, of course, the fun doesn’t stop with the looks. Under the curvaceous bonnet, you’ll get the big, British 6.0-litre V12 engine found in the Rapide and 500HP so you can get the kids to school on time and your wife to…well, to wherever wives of rich Aston drivers go. Oh ya- it tops out at 190MPH too.

The only downside is speculation that this new Lagonda may include a hybrid drivetrain (hey, you’ve gotta justify a 6.0-liter engine somehow, right?). But with the way things are looking currently, our money is betting that most cars will soon be sporting a hybrid badge anyways. Look for the new and most excellent Lagonda in 2014.

Aston Martin

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