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New Car Thief Uses Basic Tactics: A Good Story And a Big Truck

I want it so I go get it. That’s basically the thought process that’s running through the head of the latest exotic car thief making headlines today. And for you readers who now have visions of Gone In 60 Seconds flashing through your head, I am sorry to report that all these car heists have involved was a friendly smile and a large truck.

Here’s how it worked: The thief drives up to a random luxury and exotic car dealership in a large car hauler and says he is from Atlas Towing and Recovery of Illinois, a real business operating out of South Chicago. Of course, our thief has nothing to do with the Atlas Towing and Recovery company but our friendly car salesman doesn’t know that as he completely buys the thief’s story about court orders and car repossession.

But here is where it gets good. After loading up the car onto the car hauler, the thief initiates the most thought-out and boldest part of his plan. He drives away.

The number of cars this guy has stolen and the names of the dealers he’s hit haven’t been released but according to AutoBlog, the Manheim Auto Auction fell victim to this low-tech thievery during the summer.

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