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Pride in your Parking: Parking Lot Etiquette

If you’re anything like us, you take pride in your parking. To enthusiasts like ourselves, we don’t simply view our cars as a means of getting from point A to point B. We believe the lines in a parking lot are more than simply guidelines – they are hard and fast laws meant to make everyone’s lives a little easier. That’s why when someone thoughtlessly screws the whole system up, we take it as a personal insult.

Want to park like a car enthusiast? Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Back into your space for a quick getaway, even when that getaway is rarely needed
  • Park at an edge spot as close to the curb as possible
  • When parking between two cars, park exactly in the middle, leaving equal space between you
  • When presented with your choice of spaces, gravitate towards the most difficult spot. You’re better than 9/10 of all other drivers, so you should take the spot
  • Never park over the lines. The other cars also share those lines, so leave a buffer
  • Don’t risk door dings. Assume the worst because you will need to be prepared for the day that you are parking your exotic
  • Be discriminatory in parking spots. If it’s too close to another car, you don’t need it
  • Don’t be afraid of parking far away. Ferrari owners park at the backs of lots, and you appear to have the same discretion when you do it too
  • Always park straight, even if you have to readjust a couple of times

When Others Do it Wrong

Unfortunately, we witness people doing it wrong constantly. What do you do about it?

  • Get mad
  • Get even
  • Educate them

You can take any of these approaches, but I tend to lean towards educating. Consider leaving a note like off of this website. When someone is aware that others are watching them, they are more likely to clean up their act. The templates are free and robust enough to work in most situations.

Not even Chuck Norris could look cool parking like this. Don’t be a douche:

This is how it’s supposed to be – notice how all the cars are backed into the space with plenty of room.  A mark of the true enthusiast:

And one more example of a douchebag:


Chime in and let us know your thoughts. We love any opportunity we can get to improve parking jobs. Feel free to send this post to your friends/relatives that notoriously park horribly!

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