Summer Car Shows: Wuste 2011 Remembered

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Summer Car Shows: Wuste 2011 Remembered

This series is dedicated to that great pastime shared by all automotive enthusiasts: summer car shows. There’s just something special about sharing your passion with other enthusiasts while basking in the life-giving light of the sun.

Today we’re highlighting the 2011 Wuste show but first, a poem:

Twas the night before Wuste, with euro enthusiasts in a scurry

Screaming out “Polish and Powdercoat my wheels in a hurry!!!”

With coil overs spun to their lowest with care

In hopes of competing against those rocking air

With Jetta’s and GTI’s all snug in their spots

Their owners had visions of beer pong and Vegas slots

During the morning’s caravan what could be the matter?

But a broken down Caddy that just made a clatter

On Slammed! On Poked! On Stretched and Bagged!

On Shaved! On Tanked and freshly Stagg’d!

To the show in the desert, our caravan trekked

Wuste 2011: where you park THEN get wrecked!

For 5 years now Europhiles have gathered in Las Vegas to break bread with their fellow enthusiasts at a rapidly growing show by the name of Wuste. The 2010 Wuste show had us drinking in the Euro goodness in sweltering 100+ degree weather. Luckily this year, Mother Nature got the memo and turned things down to a bearable 90 degrees. There is a lot to love about this show. Wuste is the type of show where you pull up, park, break out the lawn chairs and chill with your fellow comrades.

Friday was the meet and greet at the show-organized car wash. Enthusiasts from all over the country shared caravan stories as they toiled over their pride and joy, prepping for the next day’s festivities.

Saturday was the meat and potatoes of the weekend with the show & shine, people’s choice awards, and double down air competitions. Saturday also saw the traditional Mt. Charleston cruise with well over 100 participants. Yet again, Wuste easily filled up the top 3 levels of the host hotels parking garage where show goers capitalized on the “anything goes” mantra of Vegas and busted out the beer pong table to, as they put it, “help enhance the show experience”.

This year saw everything from bagged Audi A8′s to classic resto-modded Porsches. Everyone was anxious to talk about their cars and share an anecdote or two about their trip. There really is so much to take in at this show, but to help keep things short and sweet here are a few of the marquee cars we saw this year-

This year’s show also offered a strong vendor presence that on Saturday night turned into a real life flame war. Integrated Engineering threw down the gauntlet with their raced out Audi putting on this performance:

SoCal tuning specialists 034 Motorsports battled back with their mid-engined turbo’d R32:

It was impossible to declare a winner at the end, however, as we had developed a temporary loss of hearing.

Sunday saw a slow procession of hung over yet happily fulfilled Euro enthusiasts heading back to their respective homes, each with visions of stance’d and smoothed rides dancing in their heads.

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