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Tuning Gone Wrong: Grandma Stole Your Car Edition

Remember those new OEM liveries for Smart Cars that came out a while back? You know, the ones that were made of tin foil and supposedly gave the car character. At the time, we thought those to be just about the single worst thing you could do to a Smart Car, besides buying one.

Turns out we were about as wrong as the “tuning” done to the car above. Yes, that’s a SmartCar wrapped with a custom-made crocheted covering! Actually, we’ve got to admit it’s a pretty kick ass livery (can we call it that?) and you won’t be seeing any on the road soon. But this just goes to show that if your ride needs a crocheted body suit to make it better, its cool factor is probably on par with Metamucil, Depends, or Andy Rooney’s mantelpiece.

A huge hat tip to longtime Daily Derbi reader StephAnn K. for this one!

Grandma Stole Your Car Edition


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