Video: A Flying GTO Meets Its Maker

The video featured below should only be viewed by those with a strong stomach.  The high flying antics of this fire engine red Pontiac GTO are filmed in slow motion and with hops like that, the landing is anything but soft.

It’s videos like these that give you a peek into Hollywood and why it’s so expensive to make movies.  Producers aren’t generally satisfied with smashing out of production economy class sedans.  Clearly, it’s more entertaining to watch a priceless piece of American history nose dive into the pavement from twenty feet in the air, or drive a rare exotic off of a balcony.  Thankfully in most cases, the demolition cars are stripped out kit cars or doubles of the “hero” car and CG is playing a major role in saving sweet rides from the loony acts of movie makers.  Unfortunately, this pretty little Pontiac wasn’t so lucky.  Let us all hold a moment of silence.

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