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Video: Showboating Russian Exhaust Fail

We are no strangers to the many automotive failures across the globe and this latest video is full of all sorts of failures. If Utah is about 2-4 years behind the fashion/style trends then Russia must be rocking a full decade and a half behind us. This Fast and Furious pimped-out Marxist mark is sad proof of that.

Let’s break it down.

First- It’s a modified Lada (I’m guessing on this one, could be something else. Any guesses?). The fact someone decided to mod out their Commy cruiser reeks of failure. But to each his own I guess.

Second- The “Pimp My Ride” filled trunk full of strobe lights, flat screens, and chrome-covered “subwoofers”. This accouterment is easily worth more than the car itself.

Third- Fire spitting exhaust. While this mod is generally accepted when used in moderation on ‘Merican muscle, it doesn’t quite make sense here. I highly doubt the raging 1.0-1.6 liter 4 banger under the hood of this Lenin Lover needs dual exhaust, let alone a flame kit. But without it, we wouldn’t have laughed as hard as this guy’s buddies as they watch him scramble to put the fuel fire out. Luckily, like all true tuners, he had a little fire extinguisher strapped to the A-pillar!

Bonus Fail- Take a look at the (assumed) owner of this one-off wonder Lada and see if you can identify the fourth fail. Hint: It looks like it’s eating his ear.

Thanks, Russia! Without you, the world would be a dull place.

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