Weekend Pick: BMW vs. Audi, Looks Edition

Traditionally in a Weekend Pick the two cars in question and try to win your vote by boasting better stats than their competitor. But due to a minor dispute between one long-time Daily Derbi reader and myself, today’s Weekend Pick will be based solely on looks.

Enter the Audi RS5, a performance powerhouse with some of the best lines and curves we’ve ever seen on a car to date. The RS5 is just days away from its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show and expect to see a lot more of it.

Weekend Pick: BMW vs. Audi, Looks Edition

Acting as the competition is the BMW M3, a car that has achieved Weekend Pick veteran status. In typical BMW fashion, amazing looks and crazy performance are all rolled up into one package….just like the RS5.

So it comes down to looks. Which car is more pleasing to the eye? Which has nearly achieved aesthetic perfection? “Which would you pick Kristen Scott Thomas up in?”-JC

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