Forget the Ferrari 599 Hybrid, bring on the GTO!

By | February 20, 2010

***Please read our open letter to the producers of Top Gear USA***

Yeah, the news of Ferrari planning to debut their 599 hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show is disheartening to say the least. But with this sour comes some sweet as the first spy shots of Ferrari’s performance version of the 599, called the GTO, have been spotted by our friends at Teamspeed.

The pictures reveal the GTO (short for ‘Gran Turismo Omologato’) in three different colors running laps outside of the Ferrari factory. Each car also sports the same matte black roof that’s found on the oh-so-sexy 599xx. But we’re willing to put money down that black roofs and nice colors won’t much matter to whoever is lucky enough to be sitting behind the wheel of one.

[, Chad Waite]


Vanie on March 14, 2015 at 11:40 am.

It’s picture car are really cool. I hope someday I’ll have one..

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